What are Ground Floor’s business hours?
Members have RFID access 24/7. Non-members can book a classroom, conference room or daily pass through LiquidSpace, our online booking service. Just click on the “Book it Now” button on the Events page, sign up with Liquid Space, and make your reservation.

What’s the difference between open members and resident members?
Open members may use any available open desk, i.e. any desk that does not have a “reserved” sign on it. Resident members use their own reserved workspace desks and locked storage space for laptops, monitors, etc.

Do I need to make a reservation?
Not if you are a Ground Floor member. All members have 24/7 RFID access to Ground Floor . Non-members can book a classroom, conference room or daily pass through LiquidSpace, our online booking service.

Do I have to pay extra for Internet connectivity?
Nope. Fast Internet connectivity is included in all membership plans.

Can I meet with clients?
Of course. You can pull up a couple of chairs at any desk, chat in the comfortable lounge area, or reserve a private conference room.

Is it OK to talk on the phone?
Absolutely. We just ask that you be respectful of other members and keep the whooping to a minimum when you close your first round of Series A financing. If you need to make a really private call (we don’t even WANT to know what that’s about) you can use our “Car of Silence” phone booth.

Can I get a private office?
Let us know what your needs are and we will try to accommodate you. Some startups form a “bullpen” of a few desks separated from the rest of the main floor, then use conference rooms (at no extra charge) for more private meetings.

Where can I park?
There is plenty of free on-site parking on the side and in the rear of the building.

Do I need to bring my computer and phone?
Yes and maybe. Resident members can have phone service connected to their reserved workspace, and there are a number of calling plans available. Open members need to bring their own laptops and cell phones. A few flat screen monitors are available to open members free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

What office equipment is available?
All members have access to a networked printer and copier.

Do I have to leave a deposit or sign a contract?
While all of our memberships are on a month-to-month basis, members do have to sign a membership agreement (for liability and other legal reasons), including a non-charged deposit for damages. The deposit is returned when the member’s RFID fob is returned.

What if I’m a small company and want to store, ship and receive goods from Ground Floor ?
Ground Floor is one of the only coworking facilities in the Bay Area to offer shipping and receiving fulfillment services. There are 4500+ sq.ft. of storage space available to Ground Floor members in our attached warehouse.

I belong to a Meetup group. Can we schedule meetings at Ground Floor ?
By all means. Meeting like-minded, entrepreneurial, independent professionals is one of the greatest benefits of being a member at Ground Floor . The more networking and creative thinking that goes on at Ground Floor , the better for us all. Our general policy is that we don’t charge Meetups if they don’t charge for their event. Unless Ground Floor management is sponsoring a specific meetup, we do require that meetups be sponsored by a currently active member of the Ground Floor community.