Essay About Journey to the concert of Twenty One Pilots

On November 1st of this quarter I made the four-hour trip from San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles, CA to watch Twenty One Pilots perform. Their concert at the Staples Center was part of their two-year Bandito Tour, that I have wanted to see for a while. The Twenty One Pilots are probably one of my favorite bands, because I really like the melodies of their music, as well as their musical style. The concert venue was the Staples Center, which is an extremely large indoor venue. My friends and I sat in Section 118, which is on the right side of the stage and we were in the second row. We chose this area so we could be in the area where we don't have to stand the whole time, especially if the people in front of us stood. Of course, this meant we ended up sitting next to older people who were attending with their kids and were wearing noise-canceling headphones. This means that they did not appreciate our singing or dancing, but we still had a blast. Most of the people at this concert were our age and there were only a few people who were younger than us.
The Twenty One Pilots are a band composed of two members, Tyler Joseph, the lead vocalist and musician, and Joshua Dunn, the drummer. Their musical style can be described in many different ways; however, it is mostly described as pop-rock. Most of the songs they played at the concert were medium to moderate tempo as well as a couple of fast and slow tempos. Most of the songs they played were in the triple meter as well as having a major tonality and a homophonic or monophonic texture. This is because sometimes Tyler Joseph would sing without any accompaniments, but for the most part had back up from Joshua Dunn on the drums. I decided to focus on two of the most popular songs they played at the concert, which are titled "Stressed Out," and "Heathens." I chose these songs in particular because they truly describe the band's musical style and I really relate to them.
"Stressed Out" is the quintessential Twenty One Pilots song, and what really got the band on the map. The song employs an andante tempo that is consistent throughout the whole piece with their only being certain points where it slows down to adagio and speeds up to allegro. This piece also has a homophonic texture because there are drums to accompany the singing. The song employs a major tonality to contrast with the lyrics that would be considered negative or sad. I would also say that the music is consonant/conjunct as the pitches are close together. This song is also mostly syllabic with only a few instances of melisma. This song is in triple meter with the meter rarely changing. My absolute favorite part of the song is the chorus because it repeats two of the same lines and ends with one different line.
"Heathens" is another one of the Twenty One Pilots' most popular songs and is considered to be on the same level of "Stressed Out." The song also employs an andante tempo; however, it does not have any occasions where it slows down or speeds down. This piece, like most of their pieces, has a homophonic texture. This song also employs a major tonality, with lyrics that would also not be considered positive. This music is also more consonant/conjunct with almost no instances of it being any other way. This song is completely syllabic, with not one single instance of melisma which I found to be very interesting. This song is different from the other one because it happens to be in duple, not triple meter. One of my favorite parts of this song is the second verse because it is talking about being an outsider and being rejected and the tone also coincides with the lyrics. This song is also one that I think most people could relate to at one point or another.
This concert was one of the best ones that I have ever had the opportunity of seeing. They had a great intro and their overall concert was so dynamic and featured a wide variety of songs. Most of their songs do have the same andante tempo, however, all of them manage to sound so different and unique. Both the people in the band are extremely talented at what they do and extremely creative about their work. They also seem to truly love and appreciate their fans, always coming out for encores and thanking their fans for going. Going to the Staples Center is not one of the best experiences because it can sometimes be a little loud and obnoxious, this experience, however, was totally worth it. If anyone is a fan of their music, I would definitely recommend going to see their concert.
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